Method Law as your Designated Canadian Agent

On June 17, 2019, Canada joined the Madrid Protocol. As such, foreign agents may extend their clients’ international applications or registrations to include Canada as a designated country.

However, foreign agents should note that unless a Canadian Trademark Agent is appointed, CIPO will issue correspondence regarding the Canadian Protocol application directly to the applicant. CIPO is sending courtesy letters informing foreign agents of their practice which provides the opportunity to appoint a Canadian trademark agent.

Please contact us at if you are a foreign agent in need of a designated Canadian Trademark Agent to receive correspondence from the Trademarks Office on behalf of your clients.

As the Designated Canadian Agent, Method Law is offering to assist foreign agents in one of two ways:
a. Receiving and forwarding all correspondence from the Trademarks Office to you; or
b. Receiving and reporting Examiner’s Reports and notices with our recommendations for responding, as well as keeping track of deadlines.

In either case, if you instruct Method Law to become your clients’ Designated Canadian Agent, we will appoint our firm at no charge.